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Title Graphic - Fontana Showband, Antrim

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From the personal collection of Mr. Ray Fynes (Guitar) , Arabs/Walter Lewis Showband/Fontana Showband

Read the history of the Fontana Showband, Antrim as told by Ray Fynes

Fontana Showband - Band Handout photo - contributed by Ray Fynes

L to R: Back Rory Reilly (clarinet and tenor sax); Joe Rankin (bass); Kevin McLean (drums);George Dillon (guitar);Ray Fynes (guitar); Front: Gerry McLean (trumpet); Harry Lynn (trombone)."

~ Ray Fynes

" A bit tatty, but this was an actual hand-out photo from mid-1962. A picture of the sign on the minibus was inset to show the band's name. By this time, George Dillon had replaced Des Nicholl on rhythm guitar and vocals.

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